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Montreal Rediscovered

For our latest visit to Montreal, we decided to pick up a guidebook from the library. Even though I lived in Montreal for fifteen years having a guide drew my attention to things that I’ve walked past many times but accepted as part of the city backdrop. We started our walk in China Town where a friendly local suggested Lobster Cantonese for dinner at Beijing Restaurant.

Lobster Cantonese

The Plateau is my favourite place in the city. I love the eclectic feel of the neighbourhood. Little sidewalk cafés, green spaces everywhere, art in the park and graffiti of gigantic proportions.

Street Art 4, MontrealStreet Art, MontrealLes Lecons Singulieres  Le Plateau, MontrealRue Demers, Montreal

We stopped at Wilensky’s for a quick-lunch. This place has been around since 1932 and the interior remains unchanged. I was impressed by the speed with which the bologna sandwiches and soda drinks appeared before us.


After lunch we walked west on Avenue des Pins and admired the mansions on Redpath Crescent. We stopped to rest in parks along the way.


Once we got to the other side of the mountain, we set to explore Westmount. Some of the highlights were the Westmount bowling green club, Westmount Park and Westmount’s public library with direct access to its Victorian Greenhouses.

Westmount Victorian GreenhousesWestmount Victorian Greenhouses 2

A great set up to pick up a book and spend an afternoon reading among palm trees.

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