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Save Money & See The World

Traveling can be an expensive hobby so over the years I had limit my spending to enable my habit. Here are some of my tricks for saving money without compromising on style.

1. Wear neutrals. I have a lot of black basic items in my wardrobe because they’re easy to match and classic. A black shirt with a nice pair of jeans is chic and timeless. Same goes for grey and white. The fit is key. I buy items that fit and drape really well on my body. I use accessories to create different looks around my neutral staples.

2. Make it yourself. I started sewing about two years ago. I love browsing fabric stores for unique fabric. I made this top from what seemed to be fabric for window coverings. It only cost me 0.99 cents/meter and it’s one of my favorite items of clothing. I love the creative process of making clothes. This top was hand stitched and took about an hour to cut and sew.


3. Shop thrift stores. A lot of people feel icky about shopping in thrift stores but it’s a great place to buy accessories. I love belts and thrift stores carry great leather belts for $2 or $3. Same goes for purses and costume jewelry.

4. Spend more on shoes. Over the years I bought my share of cheap, uncomfortable shoes. Not only my feet suffered but I had to replace them more often and spend more money in the long run.  Paying more for shoes is an investment and if you have a good pair of shoes you can get away with spending less on clothing.


5. Buy less undergarments. I used to buy bras in different colors but the cost really adds up. Nowadays I stick to black or blue bras and wear them with everything, which is great when I travel. I’m not concerned with matching my bras with my tops. I wear a lot of loose-fitting tops and a blue bra can look interesting under a white tee. Once again the fit of the bra is key.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find some of this useful.

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