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Back to the County

We returned to Prince Edward County to visit a few wineries in the area. The county is one my favourite day trips from Ottawa. Our first stop was in Wellington to have lunch at the Tall Poppy Café. The town is quaint with small shops and 200-year-old buildings on the shore of Lake Ontario.


Next we stopped at Rosehall Run winery for a few samples.


We continued to Casa Dea Estates Winery and tried a beautiful white wine made from Melon de Bourgogne.


This winery has an Italian restaurant and a patio overlooking the estate. It also offers visitors games of chess and pétanque.


My favorite winery was Chadsey’s. The property is beautiful and it’s currently for sale. They only offered white and rose wines and an unexpected sparkling rose.

DSC_1078DSC_1083  DSC_1087DSC_1101

On our way back we stopped in Bloomfield for some much-needed ice cream.

DSC_1133DSC_1125DSC_1108DSC_1120  DSC_1128DSC_1110DSC_1117DSC_1131


  1. Great entry, Lucia. Nice to read your views about best places to visit. We’ll be going in September, so we’ll try some of these places then.

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