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Sighișoara Citadel

Here are some pictures from our second stop in Transilvania, the city of Sighișoara. The citadel is about two and a half hours by train from Brașov. This is the birth place of Vlad the Impaler.

Sighisoara 2Sighisoara 3  Sighisoara 5Sighisoara 4

The citadel was built on top of a hill in the 12th century by Saxon craftsmen and merchants and it is still inhabited today. Our hotel was inside the citadel but we walked around the city below and bought provisions for a picnic. I made David try Romanian salami (Salam de Sibiu) and cașcaval,  a Romania yellow hard cheese. I was excited to eat these again because growing up they were somewhat of a luxury.

Sighisoara 6Sighisoara 8  Sighisoara 9Sighisoara 7

We stayed in a hotel resembling an old inn with an old fresco, low ceilings and a brick cellar that hosts large parties. The man at the reception gave us a tour and told us stories of ghosts which haunt the hotel staff when they wander in the basement at night.

Sighisoara 10


  1. hei hei 🙂 Funny thats me in your picture ( last one ) hahha
    nice pictures u took from sighisoara ! glad u liked it

    • Ha ha it’s funny you found yourself in the picture. We loved it there, so charming. You’re lucky to live there. I remember eating the best sarmale si mamaliga in Sighisoara:).

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