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Beach Hopping in Dominican

To escape the cold winter in Canada, we recently visited the Dominican Republic. We chose Samana as our pied de terre but planned to take several day trips to explore the beautiful beaches nearby. Samana has a lot of great beaches and Playa Rincon was one of my favorites. This beach stretches for kilometres and it’s appeal is the fact that it’s still a virgin beach unspoiled by resorts and commerce.

Playa Rincon 3

As we walked east, the beach got wider and the white sand cleared of seasonal seaweeds. Waves crush against rocks and the beach ends with an impressive rock which mimics the entry to a cave. Really stunning!

Playa Rincon 2

We rented a car and drove further east to Las Galeras which also has a good beach.

Las Galeras

From there we stopped at Playita, a beach that was recommended to us by a Spaniard from Barcelona who made Dominican his home in recent years. This beach is a favorite with locals and it’s memorable because of the coral corridor we had to walk through to reach the open ocean.


We had a great walk along the beach from El Portillo where we were staying to the small community of Las Terrenas. This town offers a variety of options for night life, shopping and dinning.

Las TerrenasLas Terrenas 2

In a future post I’ll talk about our trip to Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic. Too many great pictures to share in one post :).

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