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Vamos a Sevilla y…

David is a navigator extraordinaire but for some reason in Seville we couldn’t get our bearings. We got lost from the train station on the way to our hotel. The streets seem to go for a block and then change name so it took us a while to find our way.


Metropol Parasol, Seville

All that aside Seville is a great place to visit and a great pied de terre for day trips to nearby towns. On top of that the weather in November is great.

Seville at night

Seville Cathedral

The Moorish influence is felt here just as much as in Granada. I was determined to visit the Alcazar, a palace in the middle of the city which was rumored to impress. Impressed I was by the tile decor and beautiful lush gardens surrounding the palace. Even in November there were trees full of oranges.


Alcazar, Seville

Only 1 hour and 45 minutes from Seville is the coastal town of Cadiz. We made the trip there only for the day. We spend the day walking along the coast and soaking in the sun.

Cadiz 3Cadiz 2

Ronda was another one of our day trips from Seville. Since time didn’t allow us to visit any of the white villages in Granada we decided to go to Ronda for the experience.


The town is built on top of a massive gorge and the landscape is spectacular.

Ronda 3

Once again we were impressed with the practicality of living in Spain. Even smaller cities like Ronda are concentrated around a center thriving with life and activity. So much easier to get around than here in Canada were things are spread out.

Ronda 4

La Bola Shopping Street, Ronda

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