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Hola Madrid!

The Spanish have found the recipe to good living: delicious food, good company, great art, beautiful parks and all these can be found in the city of Madrid. Lucky for us we like to incorporate all of those things in our travels :-).

Rooftop, Madrid

For a dose of history we started with a visit of the Royal Palace. The royal family does not live here anymore but the palace is still used for royal ceremonies. Photography is not allowed inside but it’s worth the visit.

Royal Palace, Madrid

Each room is unique and lavishly decorated.

Royal Palace 2, Matrid

Right next to the palace is Catedral de la Almudena. We were impressed by the stunning frescoes and grandiose architecture.

Catedral de la Almudena

We ate a lot on this trip but it was all in the name of research:). La Latina neighbourhood is a great place for tapas. First time ordering tapas was a little intimidating since the place had no menus or seats. We ordered by pointing at the tapas laid on the counter and managed to find ourselves a spot standing at the bar. Now we were eating like the locals.

Street in La Latina, Madrid

But La Latina is not the only place we ate. Not far from Plaza Mayor, we found Calle Leon which has a great variety of both traditional and modern restaurants. Below is a picture of one of the unconventional restaurants.

Casa Gonzales, Madrid

Of course we ate at Mercado de San Miguel. I mentioned it in a previous post because it’s a great place to try different things such as vermouth which is popular in Spain. Some days the mercado is open until 2 AM and has a great energy.

Mercado De San Miguel, Madrid

I love museums and Madrid is a good place to sample Spanish art. Museo del Prado has a good number of paintings by Goya, Velazquez, Picasso and El Greco.  If you are a fan of Dali, like I am, visit Reina Sofia Museum. We visited during the hours the museums where free. There is so much to see in this city so we allowed ourselves time to walk around and enjoy the things around us. Although we visited Madrid in November when the wether is cold, we walked through Park Buen Retiro (Pleasant Retreat) and enjoyed its great gardens and many statues.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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