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Exploring Granada

Granada was definitely my favorite stop on our trip to Spain. The city is impressive because of its geography and its past. Granada sits at the foot of spectacular Sierra Nevada and proudly maintains the Moorish influence of its past.

Granada 7

Alhambra citadel stands at the top of the hill; a good legacy of Granada’s Islamic past.

Granada 8Granada 9

We spent the day exploring the narrow, winding streets of the Moorish quarter of Albayzin. The houses are typically painted in white and shaded by orange and olive trees.

Granada 11Granada 12Granada 3

Albayzin is on the side of a hill and the peak offers spectacular views of the Alhambra and its surroundings.

Granada 2

We love the outdoors and we decided to do a hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Thirty minutes away by bus (Bus #183) from Granada is the town of Monachil. There are several hiking trails starting right from the bus station. We chose to do the Cahorros trail. The hike was not too difficult and it offered a great variety. We walked along olive and orange orchards, along the river and through a gorge, crossed several hanging bridges, and climbed a higher route to get great views of the valley.

Granada 4

The hike was not without suspense. The afternoon was coming to an end and we decided to head back but take a different route.

Granada 5

As time went by we started to worry because we didn’t know if the trail would take us back to town or we would get lost at the top as the sun was coming down. We followed the curb of the mountain which led us to a valley which hosted the town of Monachil. What a relief!

Granada 6

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