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Why Visit Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not an obvious travel destination but it’s worth visiting.  If you’re coming from North America I think Luxembourg City is an ideal point of entry into Europe. From the airport you can reach the city centre on a public bus in only 10-15 minutes. Something that cannot be said for bigger European cities like Paris or London.

Luxembourg City

Canals run through Luxembourg City connected by bridges that take you to different parts of the city. Green valleys host lush parks and gardens. Some streets are paved with cobble stones and offer that old town feel. We enjoyed visiting the city’s Casemates, a fortress built in a rocky cliff with tunnels and observation decks that offer great views of the city.

Luxembourg City 9  Luxembourg City 10Luxembourg City 5

Another place worth visiting is Little Switzerland, an area in the east part of the country. Echternach is the oldest town in Luxembourg and a good starting point for exploring the area.


The trip from Luxembourg city to Echternach takes about 50 minutes by bus. We went there to do a hike from Echternach to the nearby town of Berdorf. The hiking trail conveniently starts right next to the bus terminal.We hiked among huge rocks that resemble an exposed cave labyrinth. The town of Echternach has the unmistakable charm of a quint European town with charming cafés and perfectly manicured gardens.

Echternach 2Echternach 6

Ultimately I enjoyed Luxembourg because it allowed us to use the “travel formula” we prefer; the place is small enough that allows to explore the cultural and historical but also to get away and visit the remote.

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  1. I’m so glad to read your report on Luxembourg – I’ve been wondering where to meet my German friend, Eva, which is new to me and to her and I had forgotten about this gem of a country. I once asked an avid traveller what her favourite destination was and she said Luxembourg.

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