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All In A Week’s Work: Fashion Tips from Guest Stylist Rebeka

Picking a wardrobe for the office shouldn’t be a chore. Office attire has come a long way, especially for ladies, and we can have fun with fashion while still looking professional. Play with color and shape and learn to shop smarter and you’ll have a functional wardrobe in no time. Here are a few useful tips from my guest stylist Rebeka that will minimize the time and cost you invest in creating your look. Channeling your inner fashionista it’s all in a week’s work. The pictures were take around the city of Ottawa.

MONDAY: Staples 

Once you figure out “your style” (i.e. what colors/shapes you feel most comfortable in) go with it.* I wear this dress A LOT. I actually have multiple dresses in this shape (different colors and fabrics) because I know it works for me. I can change the dress up by wearing different blazers, cardigans and accessories. Knowing that I’ll get a lot of wear out of a piece like this dress, I like to invest in it if I can, while saving on trendy accessories.

DSC_4750DSC_4787  DSC_4774

Dress: Banana Republic; Blazer (embroidered): Paris; Blazer (yellow): Anthropologie; Shoes: Spring; Scarf: Le Chateau; Bracelets: Etsy; Necklace: Anthropologie

TUESDAY: Shop Everywhere 

I’m terrible for dressing from a single store, but it’s so much easier. You already know your size and that you like their clothes. Unfortunately, the problems with this approach to shopping are that (1) you look like you’ve stepped out of a catalogue, and (2) you end up looking like everyone else. Don’t limit yourself to one “go to” store. See something you like? Try it. Even if it’s not from a store you’d normally shop in.

DSC_4705  DSC_4743DSC_4727  DSC_4721

Blazer: Winners; Top: Cleo; Pants: Banana Republic; Cardigan: Banana Republic; Scarf: Ottawa Vintage Sale; Necklace: Stella & Dot; Shoes: Hudson’s Bay; Belt: taken from a Calvin Klein dress (from Winners); Purse: Michael Kors

WEDNESDAY: Pretty & Professional 

In an office setting we often shy away from wearing things that are too ‘girly’ for fear of not being taken seriously. In a sea of navy, black and tan, don’t be afraid to wear traditionally feminine colors.

While blazers are a staple for me, a cardigan works just as well. It adds polish to the outfit, and keeps you warm! I’ve also paired this vibrant skirt with a top in the same color family so that the contrast is less stark.

DSC_4844DSC_4819  DSC_4840DSC_4855

Skirt: Banana Republic; Blazer: Anthropologie; Cardigan: Banana Republic; Jewelry: Stella & Dot; Shoes: Spring; Belt: Jacob; Scarf: Paris

THURSDAY: Don’t be afarid of colors (aka Banish the Beige) 

Don’t be afraid of colors! Plain and simple. Well, maybe not simple. Take some time to figure out what colors look best on you. Reds/oranges/yellows? Blues/greens? Specific shades of these colors (jewel tones or pastels)? You’re probably already drawn to certain colors, so feel free to go to town. Banish the beige!

If you’re wearing a bolder piece (exhibit a: this dress) pair it with a solid cardigan or blazer that picks up on one of the colors. Let the piece be the star and keep accessories to a minimum.

DSC_4964  DSC_4878

Dress: Victoire; Blazer: RW&Co; Shoes: Hudson’s Bay; Bracelet: Ottawa Vintage Sale

FRIDAY: Transition Pieces

Transition pieces that are office appropriate but still fun mean you can go straight from work on Friday afternoon to meet up with friends.

It’s like the mullet of clothing – business in the front, party in the back. Or like superman – mild mannered reporter by day…. oh, you get the picture. Go have fun!

DSC_5002  DSC_5006

Skirt: Club Monaco; Top: Uniqlo; Coat: Banana republic; Necklace: Tin Box (Edmonton); Shoes: Value Village; Scarf: Mom’s closet (Yay mom!); Purse: Michael Kors

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