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Picturesque Piran

Piran is a small town in the southwest of Slovenia on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. There’s no direct train from Ljubljana to Piran but the bus ride between the two cities takes only about 3 hours.

Fishermen Boats

Piran is popular with Slovenians and other Europeans alike. The town center is small and it can be visited quickly. This is the perfect place to take a few days to unwind after a busy trip without feeling guilty that parts of Piran are left unexplored. We stayed at Hotel Piran, a well established hotel that had been recently renovated. The hotel is right on the coast. Breakfast was phenomenal and included prosciutto, smoked salmon and a variety of delicious baked goods.

Waterfront CafePiran Water Collection System

Piran was under Venetian rule for over 500 years (13th to 18th century). Traces of Venetian Gothic architecture have been left in Piran. A tower inspired by the tower in Piazza San Marco in Venice was built here. The tower is on top of a hill overlooking Piran right next to St-George Cathedral.

View of Piran's WaterfrontSt-George Cathedral

The town’s main square, Tartini Square, is named after composer Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) who was born in Piran.

Tartini Square

The waterfront of the nearby resort town Portoroz is lined with restaurants, casinos and shops. As Piran slows down in the evenings, Portoroz offers additional dinning and entertainment options.

The Škocjan Caves are an hour car ride from Piran. The best way we found to get there was to hire a driver through our hotel. If you’re not pressed for time you could also take a bus from Piran to Divača and then walk the 4 km to the caves. The entry to the caves is 15 euro per person and you have to go with a guided tour. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside but we managed to take some photos at the beginning and end of the tour.

cavescave entryDSC_4400

The Škocjan Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and they’re definitely worth seeing. The caves are about 6 km long but the area visitors get to explore is 2.5 km. The tallest cave is about 150 m high and inside the caves there is an impressive  bridge over Reka River with a drop of 47 meters.

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