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A Perfect Day In Montréal

Food is an important part of my travels so on my recent trip to Montreal I decided to hit one of my favourite breakfast places and try some new eateries. My boyfriend and I started our morning at the French bakery La Croissanterie (5200 Rue Hutchison) in the quaint neighbourhood of Outremont. La Croissanterie has the interior of a Parisian cafe and its croissants and pains au chocolat are to die for.


After breakfast we took a walk in Outremont, a charming neighbourhood with interesting architecture and home to Montreal’s Hasidic Jewish community.


For lunch we ate at the MUVBOX in the Old Port, a shipping container cleverly converted into a restaurant complete with solar panels and two eating arias. The star of the show is the lobster roll. Although the big chunks of fresh lobster were delicious, I was a little taken aback by the $11 price and that the lobster was served in a hot dog bun.


 Old Montreal has a great mix of architectural styles and a vibrant atmosphere animated by street performers.


For dinner we made our way to the west part of town to Joe Beef  (2491 Notre-Dame St W). This is a popular restaurant and since we were coming into town on a Saturday we had to make reservations months in advance. If you like French food this place has the typical rich, decadent, buttery sauces of French cuisine.

DSC_3434  DSC_3435

My boyfriend ordered the double down; possibly the richest appetizer ever created. A take on the KFC dish of the same name, the Joe  Beef version replaces deep fried chicken with deep fried foie gras.


For his main my boyfriend had the half-rabbit swimming in a rich gravy with mashed potato, peas and carrots. I had a gigantic duck breast accompanied by an equally gigantic piece of roast cauliflower.


The fellow at the next table had proposed to his girlfriend an hour before (she said yes!). To celebrate he ordered the rib eye for two, for one. In case the eighty ounce steak wasn’t decadent enough it arrived with two sausages and multiple side dishes. He made a valiant effort.



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