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Trip to Hong Kong

I was excited to finally make it to Hong Kong. I had been to China years ago while I was teaching English in South Korea but only visited Beijing. On my second visit to China, Noodle and I decided to keep Hong Kong for the last leg of our trip. Once you arrive in Hong Kong all traces of old traditional China are gone. Hong Kong is a modern bustling city that combines beautifully the best of the East and the West. We stayed at Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus in WanChai area, a charming boutique hotel with a tiny room of about 100 square feet. On our first day we took the tram to the top of Victoria Peak. The peak is right in the middle of the city, surrounded by beautiful parks and luscious vegetation and spectacular views of the city. We made the challenging climb down and rested on Stanley beach in the afternoon. In the evening we took the ferry from the Star Ferry Pier to Kowloon and watched Hong Kong harbor and the beautifully lit skyline.

Kowloon Street Signs

Kowloon Street Signs

Tiered and hungry we settled on a Japanese fast food restaurant for dinner. We had really good luck with food in China. Despite our worries of food poisoning we managed to try a variety of local dishes with positive results. So being in Hong Kong we felt confident that we were out of the woods as far as unsafe food was concerned. Noodle ordered a bowl of bbq eel (Unagi Don) on rice while I decided on a bowl of deep-fried pork cutlet on rice. Tonkatsu, a type of pork schnitzel, is quite popular in Japan and I’ve enjoyed eating it while I was living there. The food arrived and we began devouring it. Noodle complained that the eel tasted somewhat “unfresh” while my pork was not fully cooked but still raw and pink on the inside. Hungry and confident that our stomaches could handle anything we finished our meals and went back to the hotel ready to call it a day.

Tiny room at Hotel Bonaparte

Tiny room at Hotel Bonaparte

Little did we know this was just the beginning of a night of food poisoning for both of us.  Have I mentioned the room was only 100 square feet?

We had planned a trip to Macau the next day but there was not doubt we had to forfeit. I don’t know if it was exhaustion from the trip or just the poisonous dinner, but we slept on and off for the next 37 hours.

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